Frequently Asked Questions: Swift Photo Booth Rental

Answering your questions about a Swift Photo Booth Rental

Capture great memories making your wedding, graduation, retirement party or other event extra special with a professional photo booth rental from Swift Photo Booth Rentals!

What types of events are photo booths most popular?

Swift Photo Booth Rentals promise fun for most any event! Consider the popular Swift Photo Booth Rentals  weddings, bar mitzvahs, holiday parties, corporate events, fundraisers, birthday parties, quinceaneras and more! Everyone loves a Swift Photo Booth Rental.

Are Swift Photo Booth Rentals enclosed booths, open air booths, or both?

Swift Photo Booth Rental offers both open air photo booths and enclosed photo booth rentals.

What limits are there to the printed pictures using a Swift Photo Booth Rental?

All Swift Photo Booth Rentals packages come with unlimited prints!

Can the Swift Photo Booth Rentals photo strips be personalized?

Yes, Swift Photobooth Rentals can add a logo and/or customized message to each strip.

Are Swift Photobooth Rentals photo strips black and white or color?

Customers of Swift Photo Booth Rentals choose either black and white or color photo strips

What is the Memory Book Option?

Guests at your Swift Photo Booth Rental event  receive a copy of the photo and another copy is made for the guest of honor. The guest will glue the extra photo in a memory book adding messages to the memory book.

What kind of electrical requirements are needed for a Swift Photo Booth Rental?

Swift Photo Booth Rentals just needs access to one standard 110V outlet within 30 feet of the photo booth.

Can you tell me about the Swift Photo Booth Rentals Attendant

A person from Swift Photo Booth Rentals is on site and available for the duration of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Are images from the Swift Photo Booth Renal printed right on the spot?

Yes, absolutely!

Are Swift Photo Booth Rental photos after the event is over?

Sure thing, digital copies of all the photos from your Swift Photo Booth Rental event are available for download online!